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If you are looking for IT support, you have come to the right place!

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Locally owned and operated

We focus on businesses close to us, so we can quickly come to your office whenever necessary.

A great value

Top-class service, response time and technical ability. We offer a tremendous value, if we may say so!

Digital security experts

We can provide the digital safeguards that every business needs.

Bottom-line focused

We help businesses grow by improving processes, reducing downtime and by maximizing your capital.

Is your business in need of IT management, or IT support?

Our philosophy is simple. We focus on doing such great work, that you will always be happy to speak with us. QBit Networking is also run by people, like you - and we value enjoyable business relationships, built on positive interaction.

If you are in Dodge County or Jefferson County, we are happy to ensure that your data is safe from hacks and hazards, help you reduce IT costs and more. In fact, we will serve as a one-stop partner for all of your IT needs!

About Us

Interesting facts about us

Free IT-assessment

Not sure where to start? Let us audit your IT environment free of charge.

>30% avg. savings on phone bills

Our telephone systems often beat in price and quality

We can handle everything

We can solve any IT-related concern, or manage the solution provider

Client Satisfaction

Our clients are sticking with us

How My Service Works

Your call is answered right away

I quickly remote in and work to resolve the issue

If i can't fix it remotely, i come to you

No start-up costs, no hidden fees and no lengthy contracts

I take responsibility for your security and data backup

Your satisfaction is guaranteed


First United Methodist Church

"The single biggest benefit to us has been the quick turn around for any questions asked and the knowledge Jeremy has to answer them. Jeremy understands that not everyone is a Techy!! Especially us OLD folks!! He’s very personable and understands the challenges of others to understand technology. He’s very knowledgeable about all forms of technology and if he doesn’t know, he finds out! Thanks!"

Educational Assessment Services

"I can call with an issue and Jeremy is able to help us out right away. Or he calls back promptly to find out the problem and then works on it from there. Jeremy is very knowledgeable about every problem that we have had and has been able to help us each time. Give Jeremy a call and see for yourself–you won’t be disappointed."

IT-infrastructure services

Is your IT a cause of concern? Are your systems slow, maybe even insecure?
 IT Hardware
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