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Our methodological approach to managing corporate IT helps small businesses do better, much better than before.

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**** **** **** >9000
Ideal size of customer in endpoints: 10 to 80 endpoints
Which local regions you serve?: los angeles and surrounding areas
Target industries & if they want to focus on them: we dont but i would love to build landing pages specific to verticles: medical, legal, architecture

What it's like to run on our IT


Case Studies

time saved per department
through software automation - and by reducing the need for maintenance
up to 40% savings
on recurring IT costs
we are considerably more affordable than hiring in-house and we know which systems provide the best ROI
years of combined experience
so you can be sure that we perform our work as effectively as possible
Accreditations worth mentioning: what will matter to customers visiting the site? Microsoft Partner, HIPAA Certification? give me examples of things that are valuable for sales purpose
Years of combined experience: over 100
Most important things to a customer: price, personal connection, response time, meeting their needs now and as they grow
It's a goldmine!

More than just the daily management

Whether you are an IT-perfectionist or someone who just 'wants it to work', smoothly running systems are just the start of what we could mean for your business. That is why we invite you to expect more from us.

Parker Consulting takes care of everything related to IT for businesses with between 10-80 people. We have been perfecting our IT methodology since 1998.

Are you worried because of your cyber-security, unstable performance and spiraling costs of IT? Don't let it disrupt your organization; we would love to jump in and help you leverage all the performance-benefits and cost-savings that the IT industry currently has to offer.

Which services customers are looking to buy: IT support, security, continuity,
Email: keith@parkerconsulting.com
What makes him incredible: customer care years of experience curated methods developed over years of working with clients
Biggest problems of customers: poor performing IT, cybersecurity, disaster / business continuity planning, compliance
Things his customers love about him: great service, clear effective communication, prompt response
Impressive statistics: -
What is he better at than the competition: the level of service we provide far exceeds what others are able to do.
If they also help individuals / retail: yes we do
Most important things to a customer: price, personal connection, response time, meeting their needs now and as they grow
$40 p/h and 60 minutes of your time

IT optimization session

Our senior staff visits your organization
Evaluation of your technology stack; both software and hardware
20 minute conversation to understand your goals
A report is produced that outlines potential cost-savings, efficiency gains and security hazards
Grow your business safer and faster
A half-day IT optimization assessment

Want to grow safer and faster?

= $40
Safe IT, or super-safe IT?

We speak your language

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